1% Better S2,

Off-Season Check-in Show – EP051

February 12, 2018

Hi all,

Just a short show to get back into the swing of things. I decided to do a brain dump of what’s going on in the off-season and outline the plans for season two of the 1% Better Podcast, discuss 2018 goals, ideas for a second show, my website woes, plans to move to a new Podcast host and a few bits and pieces that come to mind.

I refer to one book during the show and said I’d provide a link – it’s called ‘the War of Art‘ by Steve Pressfield. Not to be confused by ‘the Art of War’! It’s a great read and helping me turn ideas into content.

I hope you enjoy the short check in. Looking forward to getting the new shows out in March.

Get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback or whatever else is on your mind!

My links to social are on the site.

Have a great week,

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