Xander Schultz – Impact Investing, Influencing Social Justice, & Meditating in Virtual Reality! – EP194

Xander Schultz – Impact Investing, Influencing Social Justice, & Meditating in Virtual Reality! – EP194

Welcome to the podcast – 1% Better.

I’ve talked to a broad range of successful individuals over the last 4 or so years doing the podcast. And everyone, I’ve learned something new.

Many entrepreneurs have been on the show too and investors. My guest today, Xander Schultz, is both of these. He’s also an philanthropist. Which is also not unique. But what is very different about Xander is his story.

I’m delighted to welcome Xander to 1% Better today.

After facing adversity early - his Olympic champion father Dave was murdered when he was just nine - Xander Schultz found purpose as an activist focused on maximizing the freedom of oppressed people and elevating changemakers.

As a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Xander was on the founding teams of two consumer social productivity technology companies Complete and Kifi, which was acquired in 2016 by Google.

Following his exit at Kifi, Xander committed his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts to social justice, co-founding the refugee aid organization When We Band Together with his wife Zoë.

They launched the organization after spending time volunteering on Lesvos in 2015.

The organization is dedicated to ensuring displaced people have community resources, safe spaces, and positive places where they can thrive.

Xander supports and leads initiatives that emphasize dignity and prioritize the most vulnerable.

Xander is the host of What We Don't Know Podcast WWDK) where he discusses issues that define our time with leading change-makers such as Rashad Robinson, Andrew Yang, and Baz Schreidinger.

In 2020 he founded “Defeat by Tweet” - a donation-based initiative raising money for the Justice Fund, Black-led political organizers in swing states, by using Trump’s tweets against him.

Xander’s two great projects right at this moment (TIMELY) are Defeat by Tweet, now having raised $2million dollars since launch in June to get Trump out of office, and When We Band Together, which is currently raising money to provide supplies to the 13,000 refugees displaced by the Moria Refugee Camp fire in Lesvos.

🌎For more on Xander and to check out his podcast, go to defeatbytweet.org

🌎Find Xander on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Xanderschultz



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