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EP28 – Anna Dolce on becoming Miss Georgia (twice), Ted Talks, focusing on Outcomes + Lots more!

July 28, 2017

In this epic episode, I talk with Anna Dolce. Anna is a life and business strategist, restaurant expert, hospitality zealot, writer and speaker. Her consulting and coaching work has attracted global clients in the restaurant, hospitality, retail, healthcare, real estate, professional sports, music and other industries.

We connected on Instagram after I took notice of her posts and video snippets. I then reached out to see if she’d be interested in recording a conversation and I was delighted that she agreed. As you’ll hear, it was a fascinating conversation. I’m probably biased but whatever!

We talked for nearly two hours and the time flew as Anna tells her story from growing up in Georgia while it was under the Soviet Union, becoming Miss Georgia twice a after being selected to be in a beauty pageant, moving to the US, firstly to New York and then to Florida where she talks about so much of the challenges, opportunities and lessons she learned over the last 15+ years. These all lead her to the path she’s now on of being able to help entrepreneurs create a life and business on their terms.

It’s a broad ranging story that touches on so much. Just a snippet of this includes:

  • Winning Miss Georgia twice and tasting national fame
  • Moving to New York with zero English and just $40
  • Becoming a Restaurant owner and learning the difference between ‘working on it v working in it’
  • Constantly facing adversity and adapting rapidly to new challenges
  • The value of Coaching and having a Coach
  • Core Values and how to identify these (sorry I can’t help talking about Core Values)
  • Focusing on your purpose and outcomes.
  • Being comfortable not knowing everything about everything
  • EQ & IQ in Coaching
  • Preparing for and presenting a Ted Talk
  • What a typical day for Anna now
  • Being your own boss v having a boss and how you develop your discipline
  • The concept of time and how to management
  • Meditation and how she approaches it
  • Sleep patterns
  • Self-talk and the voice in your head
  • Advice to start working on your mind and personal development
  • Taking massive action and then take more again

Some Books Anna recommends are:

Connect with Anna on Instagram (most active here) and Facebook and Twitter and also  www.annadolce.com (site is currently being upgraded).

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