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EP41 – Halloween Special with Mike Huberty on the Paranormal, Uniqueness, & Finding the Right Path!

October 30, 2017

It’s Halloween, so I decided to get into the ‘spirit’ of things!

So, in this episode, I share a great conversation with Podcaster, Author, Entrepreneur, and Lead-singer from the Band Sunspot, Mike Huberty. He hosts a podcast called See You On The Other Side with his co-host Wendy Lynn Staats. He’s from Madison, Wisconsin.

The area of Paranormal, Afterlife, UFOs, Ghosts and Conspiracy Theories are of interest to me and when I heard Mike’s podcast, I reached out to see if he’d be willing to come on to mine to discuss his career and hear some fun stories from his journey.

Our conversation touches on a bunch of interesting topics and experiences including:
• A paranormal experience while at Blarney Castle in Cork which gave him and his wife inspiration
• Developing an interest and fascination in the paranormal from a young age
• An early memory watching an episode of ‘That’s Incredible’ that showed a seanace on TV and getting enraptured by it
• Having a growing interest real life stories around ghosts
• Having always been interested in Movies and Cinemas in College
• His Beliefs and Views into the afterlife, paranormal and ghosts
• A passion for Movies like the Poltergeist and Texas Chain Saw Massacre
• Learning to play Guitar and performing and loving this
• Developing a passion for writing songs about ‘weird’ stuff
• Starting to write for the college newspaper, meeting new bands that came to Maddison and there learning to interview these guests
• Identifying a pattern of focus and drive in successful musicians during this time
• Having a production job at a TV station out of college work – this was an experiment
• Then working as a Software Tester – paid great but not fun. It didn’t touch on Mike creativity, potential or passion
• Building a plan to take a new jump into something of passion but more risk!
• Finding something your uniquely good at and passionate at
• Identifying the right path and knowing he was on it
• Becoming an entrepreneur by creating haunted walking tours in Maddison and this taking off, leading to setting up similar tours in other cities in Wisconsin
• Combining all his learnings and passions together to create the podcast
• Keep testing and trying out things you like and see what works and eventually finding it – tweak and tweak until you find it
• Meditation – Listening to yourself regularly and finding a good sense from this
• Favorite episodes of his show:
o Episode 151 – Ghost Adventurer
o Episode 150 – Project Bluebook – Book called the close encounters man / Scientific studies of UFOs
o Episode on The Chicago Moth Man Discussion
• Native legends of paranormal in the Wisconsin area
• Conspiracy Theory and a Mike answers a Listeners Question around the Cold War and Technical Advances since Roswell UFOs and all that good stuff
• Success and Mikes own perspective of what that is to him!

Book Recommendations: Check out Robbie Grahams two books on UFOs’ here

How to Connect with Mike:
Twitter – @SunspotMike
Podcast site – See You On The Other Side othersidepodcast.com
The Sunspot Band Website here

As always, hope you enjoyed the episode.


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