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EP41 Teaser – See You On The Other Side with Mike Huberty – Halloween Special!

October 27, 2017

In this weeks Friday Five, I’ve decided to get into the spirit of things with Halloween upon us. I’m delighted to be releasing an episode with Mike Huberty, who is the host of the See You On The Other Side podcast. I have a interest in paranormal, UFOs, Ghosts and all that cool stuff so was delighted to talk with Mike about this world. It’s like all the other 1% Better episodes but it does have a slant into the world of paranormal and conspiracy theories.

In the Friday Five Episode, I shared a couple of clips that will be in the full show Monday covering:
* The Dog & Cat Blarney Castle Paranormal Experience
* Mike describing how he is following the Right path

Totally enjoyed this episode with Mike. I hope you do too and come back for the full show Monday!


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