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Episode 11 – Fabio Grassi (Executive Coach & Facilitator at IMI) on Inspiring meaningful change, sharing a JEM & Avatar!

April 23, 2017

In this episode, I have a conversation with Fabio Grassi, He’s an executive coach and teacher at the IMI and also runs his own companies, CoreIdeas and Geode, where he aims to Inspire meaningful change.

I think Fabio is one of the most interesting guys I’ve met in a long while and hearing his story and advice in recording this podcast only cemented this view.
He’s been a musician, an engineer, a chef, an officer in the Italian Army and touches on all of this during our conversation. All of these experiences in his journey provided valuable learnings as he explains.

He always had a passion for teaching, something ignited by the movie Dead Poets Society in the 80’s, and when he started working for IBM in the late 90’s, this desire resurface and it became very clear to Fabio that it was what he wanted to do. Within a year, he made this happen and his real educational journey started to move forward. He set his goal and his determination and drive made this happen.

This happened again for Fabio in 2006 when he moved to the IMI and started out his journey as a trainer and coach. Now he’s doing something that’s relevant, important and key to his need and want as a coach. As he explains, it’s challenging and exciting day by day. He’s finding enjoyment in helping others fulfil their purpose and meaning. Every person is different and Fabio enjoys this variety in the role. He shared his key tip which is a JEM. You have to listen to get the full meaning. ☺

Thank you Fabio so much for your time.

One point to note, Fabio and I both talk fast so you may want to run this show at half speed to catch everything ☺

Please connect with Fabio via LinkedIn here

The two books Fabio recommended were:

Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston seagull

Carly Jameson – The nibble theory and the kernel of power (humanity)

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