1% Better S1,

Episode 12 – The 1% Better Nashville Vox Pop

April 27, 2017

Hi all & happy Friday\Weekend (show notes below),

In this new spin off/pilot show of the 1% Better Podcast, I’ve decided to hit the streets of cities I visit and ask the locals what their 1% Better tip or advice would be to make you, the listeners, at least 1% Better. Over the coming week/months, when I visit a new city, I hope to capture the responses from the local folks to see if there are common trends and patterns that emerge and have a lot of fun while doing it.

In this first edition of the VoxPoP show, I hit the streets and the bars (mainly bars) of Nashville with my two good friends and co-hosts for the day, Cormac Breslin (credited with naming ‘robofthegreen’) and Stacey Knox (a natural with the mic).

Over the couple of days recording, we asked the good folks of Nashville what their one tip or piece of advice would be to the listeners that they could apply or take onboard to make themselves 1% Better.

I’m hope you’ll enjoy this *fun* short episode of the show where we get a very good a mixture of advice from many happy people enjoying the sunshine, music and fun of Nashville.

If you like this episode, please let me know as I have a lot more content from our on street interviews from Nashville that I could share in another short episode in the coming weeks.

I would like to thank Cormac and Stacey for their assistance and the folks in Nashville for being such good fun on the days. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did recording it.

Also, just a quick note to say I have a bunch of new 1-1 interviews coming up with some really great guests that are taking the show to the next level for sure. Next one will be out on Monday.

All the very best,
Rob (ofthegreen)


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