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Episode 13 – Lisa Fallon on Football Analysis, Making Decisions, and 1500 VHS Tapes!

May 01, 2017

In this episode, I have an awesome conversation with Lisa Fallon. Lisa is the first team analyst for Cork City Football Club & the Northern Ireland National Team. She is also the Business Development Manager for Cork City FC and she also creates motivational videos for both sides in her ‘spare time’!

I joke with Lisa at the start of the show that her twitter account can’t fit in all the roles she’s playing in her professional life. It’s true. She is one busy lady that is very passionate about what she does.

During our conversation we talk about:

Lisa’s burning passion for football from a very young age. Football was part of her family from her earliest memory.

A big turning point, at the young age of 12, was when she watched the Liverpool v Arsenal 89 League decider with the Irish team and reminisces about talking with Frank Stapleton and Tony Cascarino during the gate.

Only a year later, she managed to win a competition to conduct an interview with Frank Stapleton via a radio competition and this only further contributed to her passion for the game.

From there, Lisa talks through her first job as a runner on sports stadium, moving to university in the UK, gaining and valuing her independence, and getting in to sports reporting while in the UK.

After college, she play professionally for a while still in the UK but after a period of time, she had a gut feeling it was time to return to home.

After moving back to Dublin, she applied took a role in Independent News and Media and worked here for over 3 years. This gave her a break in radio.
Lisa was watching games all her life, over 1500 VHS tapes, that she watched constantly, over and over. This, unconsciously, was developing Lisa’s analytical skills for the game.

In 2006, Lisa did her first coaching badge. After writing a piece for a sports website, about opponents (PAOK Salonika) of Shamrock Rovers in the UEFA cup in the coming week, she was contacted by their then Manager, Michael O’Neill. From there, things took off as Lisa explains.

Lisa gives a very open and honest account of her ambition, passion, love for football from such a young age. This love affair has continued right through. Football is the constant in her life as her Grandad reminded her when she was around 18 years of age and this has stuck with her.

We discuss her good habits, how she makes decisions, using gut and experience,

I know Lisa doesn’t give too many radio/podcast interviews especially none this long and in-depth so thanks to her for agreeing to do this. It was a great conversation and one I hope gives you a great insight into Lisa, her role and what makes her tick.

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Thanks again to Lisa her time in recording the show.

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