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Episode 8 – Pat Rodgers on Endurance Racing, Kayaking around Ireland (literally) & The Spine Race!

April 02, 2017

Pat Rodgers is an ultra runner and endurance athlete. In this podcast, we talked about his many adventures over his career (so far) in the world of extreme physical challenges. This includes rock climbing expeditions while in College in France, to taking on the challenge of a solo kayak around the entire island of Ireland, attempting to climb Aconcagua in South America, to completing the Kerry Way 120 Mile run, the UTMB (which I learned during the podcast is the Ultra Trail Mount Blanc), and many other challenges along the way.

We focused a good section of the conversation around his most recent event, the Spine Race in the UK, where Pat completed the 268 mile race along the Pennines in January. This took 7 days to complete and is fascinating to hear how Pat planned it, endured it and completed it. He shared the journey and provided some great takeaways in this episode around motivation, pushing through pain, facing and overcoming the infamous Wall! Pat’s message is a clear one – don’t limit yourself or put up roadblocks to prevent you doing something you really want to. It’s inspiring in many ways and hope you find it a great listen. Pat’s motto is ‘give it a lash’ and this is very much what he puts into practice as you’ll hear. Don’t think about doing these things too much or look for all the reasons why you can’t do it, just go for it.

Thank you Pat for taking the time out to tell your story.


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