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Episode 17 – St. Mel’s Brewing Company’s MD Eoin Tynan on Craft Beer, Growing a Business & Raisins!

May 21, 2017

In this episode, I talk with Eoin Tynan, who is the MD of St. Mel’s Brewing Company. Who, along with his co-founder, Liam Hanlon, set up the Company.

St. Mel’s Brewing company produce Craft beers and very tasty ones at that. Liam is a brew master by training and brought his biotech skills and Eoin brought this business skills to the table. They set up in October 2013 and started to produce May 2014 and with first sales June 2014.

When Liam provided liquid refreshments at Eoin’s wedding, they started to think about doing this seriously. From there, they started put the plan in place and things started to take shape.

We go into details about setting up the company. Juggling the day jobs, getting funding, and proving to investors that this a serious proposal. It worked and the started production in 2014.

We talked about building the business, distribution, creating new flavours, and marketing the beer. Since them, they’ve gone from strength to strength since them to the point at which now they’re selling Beer to US and Europe.

We touch on the size of the craft beer market in Ireland, how it’s grown, first big breaks, the process, and lots more great conversation around the future of industry and challenges with the big beer companies. We even manage to talk about Longford Town v Athlone Town FC at one point!

I know there is a huge interest in Craft beer in Ireland, and everyone have their ideas where this came from, so I tried to ask some questions that I hear on the street.

It was great catching up with Eoin and learning about their journey so far. Great to see the Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in Longford.

During the conversation, we sampled all 8 of St. Mel’s beers purely from a research perspective. A great selection of Craft beers on offer from IPAs, to larger, to Brown ales, and more. I’m obviously biased being from Longford and a big fan of Craft beers, but they do make a great product.

It was the first podcast recording where I had a small audience so thanks to Myles and Mike for creating the atmosphere of a live show! And for your excellent pouring skills during the conversation.

Book referenced on the show is called ‘I Dare You‘ by Blaize Brosnan.

Thanks Eoin for the time & for the beers!!

Enjoy the show!


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