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Episode 18 – Nanci Creedon, Ireland’s first Dog Behaviourist, on Doggie Day Care, Dog Psychology & Always learning!

May 28, 2017

In this episode, I talk with Nanci Creedon who is Irelands leading dog behaviour expert. She is a regular contributor to the RTÉ Today show, radio and print media and an award winning entrepreneur. We recorded the show in her Doggie Day Care center just outside Cork City and, as you’ll hear, it’s quite a busy place! The barking in the background adds great atmosphere to the show I’m sure you’ll agree.

Nanci has always been crazy about dogs but didn’t see a possible career in this in her early years.  When she finished her zoology degree, she set up a Dog walking and Pet Grooming business. The success here lead her to taking the big leap of faith and opening the Doggie Day Care in 2010 at the wise old age of 24! Since then she’s been working and studying non-stop and the business has gone from strength to strength. In 2013, She became the first certified Dog Behaviourist in Ireland and, also in 2013, Nanci opened Creedon’s college as well where she looks to share her knowable and experience to others that with to gain the Qualifications, the Knowledge and the Confidence to become employable, or self-employable, in the pet care industry.

Nanci certainly has an attitude where she doesn’t hold back, dives in and makes things work. She shares lessons she learned from setting up her own business, dealing with people, and learning on the fly in a sink or swim situation. We touch on fear (which Nanci doesn’t seem to have), mistakes made and learning from these, opening new branches, decision making, and ideas for the future.

Nanci talks about her passion for learning and teaching, her plans for world domination and her plans to be president of Ireland one day. You heard it here first!!

For all you dog lovers and owners, Nanci shares lots of 1% Better tips for the dogs so definitely worth a listening to and taking notes. We talk about the psychology of Dogs, and go into details on how dogs act and react to stressful events, the impact of cortisol on dogs after a scary incident, how you can bring them back to reduced stress level, the amygdala in the dog’s brain, fight or flight, and lots more. We talk about the 7 Dog years to 1 Human year myth as well as the challenge teaching an old dog new tricks!!

Thanks Nanci for the great high energy show. It was a really enjoyable conversation.

For more details on Nanci and the Doggie Day Care services she offers, check out the below links:

Website – www.nancicreedon.ie

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/nancicreedondogbehaviourist/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/NanciCreedon_DB


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