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Episode 19 – John Carey, CEO UFirstCoaching, on performance coaching, asking the right questions, and freedom through commitment!

June 05, 2017

In this episode, I interview John Carey, of UFirstCoaching (www.ufirstcoaching.com), which is a Performance coaching and success company. He set up it up in 2002 and has been focusing on humans and teams working better. This has become John’s life work since then!

This is one where we get deep into performance coaching. Team Coaching. How to make marginal improvement that have a big impact. John bring a wealth of experience to this area and from the very start of this one, we get into human potential, how to improve, how we have survived and ways in which we can become better in any field that we’re involved in.

I met John at a PMI event in March where he talked about personal branding and improving yourself. He shared tips that night that we discuss here and also get into much more detail on strategies you can use to improve. Using Logic, which John calls as the religion of the 21st century, you can make big improvements quickly.

John talks about his work with the Cork hurling team in 2005 and 2006 where they lost just one game over the two years which was the all-Ireland final in 06. He talks about this experience and how he worked on a 1-1 basis with many of the players from a psychological perspective to get the best from them.

Some of the topics we go deep on are identifying and importance of core values, asking the right questions, how to listen better, getting out of your comfort zone, setting and achieving goals, gaining ‘freedom through commitment’, the negative voice in your head that we all have and how to deal with it, identity, the performance paradox. We talk about life is about having better quality problems. Some great topics.


John also recommends a few books that are worth a read. These are:

  1. To Sell is Human – Daniel Pink
  2. Legacy – James Kerr
  3. Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss
  4. Smarter, Faster, Better – Charles Duhigg

If you want to get in touch with John you can reach out to him www.UFirstCoaching.com.

Again, this a great conversation. One of the best. I really hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment on the site, or in iTunes. Share with your own friends, and teams.

Thanks to John for his time on this one.

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